Welcome to the Scoutmaster’s Equipment shack

What Equipment Items and Uniform does a Scout need?

Every Scout must have a complete Scout Uniform. All boys are required to have a formal Scout Field Uniform (formerly known as a "Class A" Scout  Uniform). This includes the belt, an official Boy Scout khaki shirt with epaulets, a neckerchief and Slide, the scout hat, The official scout  pants (long or short) and socks are strongly preferred, but they are not required. Dark colored pants (or blue jeans) in good repair with dark  colored socks are acceptable.
The "Full Dress Scout Field Uniform"  is defined as the above uniform with merit badge sash, Order of the  Arrow sash, religious emblems and other appropriate medals and honors.  All uniform items may be purchased at the Council Scout Shop.

The optional, informal Scout Activity Uniform (formerly known as a "Class  B" Scout Uniform) consists of the Troop 648's Scout Logo T-shirt worn  with the specified pants, belt and hat. The informal Scout Uniform  should only be worn when called for by the Patrol Leader, or for troop  functions, the Senior Patrol Leader or the Scoutmaster and his  assistants.

Each Scout needs to bring his Boy Scout Handbook, a pen/pencil, paper to all troop meetings.

Each Scout is responsible for bring/providing his own overnight gear.

 Download the Camping Gear and Personal First Aid Kit check list.

What equipment does the Troop provide for outings?

The Troop has a trailer that can be towed to carry all of the camping gear.
The Troop can provide camping gear such as tents, lanterns, stoves, and water jugs for overnight outings.
The Troop also has a large First Aid kit for outings.
Each Patrol in the Troop has their own Patrol Box that contains essential cooking and cleaning supplies.


Troop 648 Oakville Missouri

Troop 648 Oakville Missouri